Senheng Stainless Steel Sdn Bhd

At its inception in the early 2000, Senheng Stainless Steel Sdn Bhd initially was serving only the local food & beverage, industry community and household products with stainless steel products. Since then, we have steadily grown into a highly diversified fabrication company.
Every single of our product is made from the highest quality materials using advanced technology, while every stage of the manufacturing process is conducted and monitored by highly competent employees. Combined with thorough testing and complete customer support, the company supplies its customers with products of maximum efficiency and minimum long-term costs at a competitive price.

Our Awards

Since 2006, the company has created a formally registered trademark and website for the BP Steel brand. Start from 2007, it has been undertaking housing development projects. The development of local steel industry towards a new milestone. In 2016 Bp Steel also won Asia Honest Award.
該公司從2006年開始創建BP Steel品牌 正式註冊商標及設立網站,并從2007年開始承接屋業發展工程,讓本地白鋼業的發展邁向新的里程碑。2016年 本公司品牌BP Steel也榮獲了亚洲诚信产品大奖。